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(Became Winifred P. Upton School After Our Principal Ms. Upton Retired)

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H. Lemp Photo

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If you ever attended Ryal Side Elementary School in Beverly Massachusetts, especially in the Class of 1960, you will enjoy this website. You can share reminisces and pictures with your classmates, and enjoy some images already published. Some are of large groups with the people identified. We could use some help identifying some classmates, too.

Last Update 09/29/15 -  Cynthia Ann Barry '64 comments, Ms. Upton was her Great Aunt
Last Update 07/11/10 -  Herman Lemp Shares a Big Facebook Album
Last Update 03/05/09 -  Herman Lemp Reminisces & Photo
02/14/09 -  Louis P. Walor, Sr., Obituary
01/03/09 -  Comments from Wayne MacDonald
12/29/08 -  Added clipping: undated nostalgia tour of Ryal Side

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